About Us

Thank you for taking a look at Little Loves Pantry website. You can rest assured the products baked come with years of experience, attention to detail, and most of all a genuine passion.

My late Mum was a wonderful person and home baker of the real traditional bakes. Returning from a day at school, our home would always smell of scrummy freshly baked ground rice tarts, date and walnut cakes, scones etc. Our relatives from ‘the South’ would devour her ground rice tarts – they never found anywhere to match them where they lived. Mum was more what I call a ‘slapdash’ baker – by that I mean quite a bit of guess work was involved, but amazingly just by feel, touch and look of a cake mix, she always pulled it off!

Mum lived all her life in Leeds and became notorious in her latter years for her baking, providing cakes for neighbours, friends, the vicar and many fundraising fetes etc. She had a nice little conveyor belt of home baked goodies on the go!Being surrounded by this baking environment, I think it was inevitable that I follow in her footsteps.

As much as I love the traditional bakes and can replicate Mum’s, I am a chocaholic and hence the varied chocolate flavours of brownie traybakes as shown, plus many other favourites.
Mum’s life and baking were so treasured that relatives named their cake shop (Mama Doreen’s Emporium) after her, which is a wonderful tribute to her.

The cupcake side of the business started in my cousin’s kitchen and expanded rapidly leading to the now thriving establishment in Harrogate. I am proud to say I worked alongside my cousin from the start in her kitchen right through to the shop, being involved in all aspects of the baking process to decoration. As the shop expanded, I felt the need to develop my own areas of interest, traybakes being the top of my list. They are practical in that you can cut to preferred size and number of portions, catering for however many mouths to feed.

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